Custom Bathroom Remodeling

One of the most common yet expensive spaces to design or renovate is your bathroom. Custom Bathroom Remodeling is trending these days as  bathroom space is moving slowly away from the idea of being a merely functional private zone to a retiring room. All amazing bathroom designs begin with addressing the layout, vibrant colour schemes, and bathroom tiles. A magnificent bathroom should bring all the elements like layout and accessories together to match the overall design.

Bathroom designs can often be tricky. But, being professional experts in bathroom designing, we at BNTZ custom homes, from the very beginning focus on the site of your home and the size of your family to understand how many people will be using your bathroom. We understand your requirements and bring out the most efficient way to do design the interiors of your bathroom so as to minimize the replacement of the plumbing areas and the important objects in the bathroom. We make sure that you have enough space for storage in your bathroom, a calculated distance between your toilet and your shower area to make things easily operative.

  • Transitional Bathrooms-

Transitional bathrooms are the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary layouts, with just enough detailing to please your design tastes. While elements of traditional and contemporary styles are both present, transitional bathrooms stay close in terms of usability and convenience. The main features would include shaker-style vanity, light-hued stone counters, floors or wall treatments in materials such as marble and quartz, undermount sink, subway tile, pedestal bathtub, glass shower enclosure, classic lighting such as drum pendants, updated chandeliers and sleek wall sconces.

  • Modern Bathrooms-

Modern bathrooms are sleek and streamlined, emphasizing strong horizontal lines. Clean, flourish-free details keep the focus on the architecture. The main features include floating vanity, glass shower enclosure, freestanding bathtub, minimalist faucets, streamlined lighting, and frameless mirrors.

  • Contemporary Bathrooms-

Contemporary bathrooms embrace the latest trends in technology, and materials to achieve an of-the-moment look with clean lines and minimal adornment. Contemporary bathrooms break the rules, but as a whole they stay away from heavy embellishments and traditional shapes. The main features would include a sleek vanity, minimalist faucets, glass shower enclosure, statement tile, slim-profile mirrors, latest technologies like the digital shower controls and smart mirrors.

  • Traditional Bathrooms-

Traditional bathrooms are timeless, comfortable and refined, with gleaming surfaces and high-end materials. Unlike minimalist modern bathrooms or trend-conscious contemporary bathrooms, traditional bathrooms feature a useful amount of decorative detail and classic elegance. The main features would include furniture-style vanity, elegant stone counters, floors or wall treatments, antique-style lighting, classic bathtub such as a claw-foot or pedestal style, dressing table, wainscoting, wallpaper and decorative moulding.

  • Farmhouse-style Bathrooms-

Farmhouse-style bathrooms strike a perfect balance between the rustic appeal of regional, rural heritage and simplicity-favouring modern design tastes. While farmhouse bathrooms nowadays incorporate modern elements, this isn’t the place to experiment with trends. We think simple, honest and homespun. The main features include shaker-style vanity, barn lighting, wall panelling, claw-foot bathtub, sliding barn doors, and trough sinks.